American History & World History

  • 1-on-1 tutoring: With the 1-1 option of this course, the student has an opportunity to focus on particular assignments or exams that pertain to their own history course throughout the school year. The 1-1 option focuses on any problem areas or refinement that are specific to the student. The courses include but are not limited to: World History, Geography, US History, and Government.
  • Small group tutoring (up to 5 students): A group course can be formed if there are many students in the same class inquiring about history tutoring. There are many benefits of a group course; for instance, preparing for an exam together. Additionally, a group could be helpful when brainstorming with others and while writing an essay about a specific topic.

Teachers for this Course:

  • Lauren Crowe
  • Kerry Griffin
  • James Owk

*Length of these courses is to be determined. We cater our approach for these students to be specific for their learning needs to maximize the effectiveness of each session