Ace Your SAT & ACT with MST

SAT and ACT It’s more than just the understanding of test material.

It is a misconception that success on standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT depends solely on aptitude. Test-taking STRATEGY is just as important! When a student signs up for SAT and ACT test prep tutoring, not only will they work on the material being tested, but they will also be learning tips, tricks, and methods to maximize their time and performance.

Even the smallest improvement in your score can change a college admissions decision.

According to studies, about one-third of selective colleges state that a small increase in scores for standardized test like SAT and ACT could make a difference in an admissions decision. An improvement of just 10-20 points on the SAT and ACT could make the difference between landing in the “maybe” pile, rather than the “no” pile, regardless of how high or low a student is scoring (IvyWise).

Just because a student’s school grades are great, doesn’t mean that they will do well on standardized tests without studying.

Much of the content that students are tested on in the SAT and ACT may be presented in a different format than they’re used to learning in their respective schools. So, even though they’ve covered the concepts before, it may seem unfamiliar. The test-taking environment for SAT and ACT also drastically does not mirror traditional classroom learning. Our tutors will not only teach strategy but will administer practice tests that will more closely mimic the SAT and ACT than classroom tests will.

Are you preparing for any standardized tes such as the SAT and ACT exam, then I will suggest you consult with our tutor now. Its totally free! You might also want to give us a stop by, that is also fine. We will introduce you to our Consultant in charge of standardized examinations such as SAT and ACT