Test Prep Tutoring

Mission Statement 

MST Tutoring’s mission is to be an innovative, student centered and enjoyable learning center that helps students gain confidence through our proven strategic approach delivered by our team of highly successful subject specialists.


Who We Are

MST Tutoring offers SAT/ ACT Preparation Classes, Curriculum Academic Services and College Admissions Consulting. We are committed to helping students succeed by working with our outstanding academic specialists, tutors and an innovative curriculum designer. Our goal is to be different from any other tutoring course.

it’s important to realize that the SAT/ACT is not a test of knowledge, rather an assessment of a student’s analytical abilities.  We begin by administering a full SAT and our team goes to work creating an individualized diagnostic assessment to determine the best way possible to achieve what was once thought to be impossible.

Our Academic Specialists and Curriculum Design Team are responsible for the way we tackle the exam. Our unique approach consists of learning workshops, strategic exercises and training to answer the questions strategically.

Many SAT Courses’ approach to raise test scores is through administering a full SAT Examination, put the answer key on a white board and then tell their class of twenty students to review their incorrect answers. They conclude by asking if anyone is still confused about a question and they quickly explain using a prewritten explanation packet. They fail to share how to use acquired knowledge and strategies to solve SAT problems. Ask any expert educator if this works. We know that it doesn’t because parents begin to seek out our methodology and students feel confident.

In addition to SAT/ACT courses we also offer curriculum tutoring for all high school courses. Raising your grades in addition to finding the right SAT/ACT tutor increases your chances immeasurably to not only gain admittance to several colleges but earn academic merit money as well.

MST has two SAT/ ACT tutoring plans; We offer one on one private sessions or the Signature Small Group which caps at 5 students. They are both effective and have outstanding results.

Our College Admissions Consultant’s experience and proven results in addition to your course preparation makes you a confident, prepared and ready for the next four years. Our motto is to find every student the right school for the best tuition.

Ultimately, our students and parents are regularly impressed by how quickly they can improve their scores when they have MST Tutoring’s customized approach to SAT/ACT Preparation.