Meet Shannon Paula: Expert Classroom Tutor

Shannon has a vast history as one of New York City’s premier results-oriented educators, classroom subjects tutor, and Fitness/Pilates trainers since 2004. After graduating from Touro University, School of Education in New York City, in 2007 with a Master’s Degree in Education, she has taught for the NYC DOE including general education, classroom subjects, art, test prep, physical education, and yoga/pilates. She has worked with professional athletes and Special Needs people including Gifted & Talented as well as teaching at the Chinese Learning Center (CLC). CLC is one of the most competitive academic learning environments in the United States. Shannon taught English Language Arts (ELA) test prep with extremely successful results.

She has a passion for designing programs that improve grades and academic efficiency, instills confidence, slate articulation, and establish posture and overall mental wellness. Shannon is unique in her approach and greatly experienced in teaching one-to-one, semi-private sessions as well as larger groups in NYC, The Hamptons, and Upstate NY.

She is an avid dog lover and does her best to help these beautiful creatures connect with the families of whom they are destined to rescue.

if what you need is a classroom subjects tutor, then you got it.