Chemistry Tutor

In this Chemistry tutoring program, your chemistry tutor will cover key subjects like the properties of substances and the many interactions of matter. You will also learn about the composition, structure, and properties of elements on a molecular scale.

MST Tutoring is proud to offer Chemistry tutoring in Ocean County & Monmouth County, New Jersey. We’ve tutored CPA chemistry students from RBC, Christian Brothers Academy, and St. Rose High School; and Honors Chemistry to Manasquan High School students.

If you’ve looked for a chemistry tutor online, you know finding a good one is not easy – all our tutors hold an Education Certification and are available for online and in-person classes. If you live close to the Ocean County area, our in-person classes are in the Valley Park Professional Center. We also offer completely-free 15-minute consultations where you can ask us anything about this or any of our other courses.

After your session with our Chemistry Tutor, you will be able to:

  • Understand the differences between elements
  • Use the periodic table and understand valence electrons
  • Describe the model of the atom
  • Properties of ionic and covalent compounds
  • Write chemical formulas for ionic and molecular compounds
  • Identify synthesis, decomposition, and combustion reactions
  • Differentiate single and double displacement reactions
  • How to work with compound composition, empirical formulas, and molecular formulas

Topics Covered

  1. Observing Matter
  2. Elements and the Periodic Table
  3. Chemical Compounds 
  4. Chemical Bonding
  5. Chemical Reactions
  6. Conservation of Matter
  7. Chemical Proportions in Compounds
  8. Quantities in Chemical Reactions
  9. Solutions & Solubility
  10. Acids & Bases
  11. Ideal Gases
  12. Chemical Equilibrium
  13. Ionic Equilibrium
  14. Nuclear Chemistry
  15. Organic Chemistry