Physics Tutor

In this Physics tutoring program, your Physics Tutor will cover key subjects like Newton’s Laws of motion, Rotational Motion, and Electric Circuits. We have tutored in many schools in the Ocean County area, including students from Christian Brothers Academy, Manasquan High School, and even advanced Accelerated Physics topics at the Wall Township High School.

All our tutors hold an Education Certification and are available for online and in-person classes. If you live close to the Ocean County area, our in-person classes are in the Valley Park Professional Center. If you’re looking for a math tutor or a physics tutor, you’ve come to the right place. We also offer completely-free 15-minute consultations where you can ask us anything about our courses.

After your session with your private physics tutor, You will be able to:

  • Use graphs and equations to solve problems.
  • Describe  Newton’s three laws of motion
  • Apply Kepler’s laws to real-world problems
  • Compute various equations and understand units of measurement
  • Detail how electromagnetic waves propagate and transfer energy
  • Distinguish between reflection, refraction, and diffraction
  • Use Ohm’s law to calculate voltage, current, or resistance.
  • Apply the right-hand rule to determine the direction of various forces

Topics Covered

  1. Linear speed, velocity, and acceleration
  2. Motion graphs and reference frames.
  3. Vectors and vector analysis of forces
  4. Newton’s laws of motion 
  5. Momentum and the law of conservation
  6. momentum to analyze collisions.
  7. Work and power
  8. Rotational motion
  9. Gravitational forces
  10. Temperature and heat
  11. The laws of thermodynamics
  12. Simple harmonic motion. Hooke’s law
  13. Mirrors. Converging and diverging lenses
  14. Electric forces and fields 
  15. Properties of moving charges 
  16. Electric circuits. Series, parallel, and complex circuit
  17. Magnetic forces 
  18. Electromagnetic Waves
  19. Differences between classical and quantum physics. 
  20. Wave/particle duality and the photoelectric effect.
  21. Matter and energy relationship
  22. Nuclear fission and fusion

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